Waiting is one of the hardest things we have to do in life; Americans especially are an impatient lot and we have grown accustomed to having things instantly. The human population as a whole are by nature impatient; it must be interesting for the eternal God who has always been and always will be to listen to our complaints about “waiting”.

Tim and I are now in the “waiting” mode. Since our meeting last Wednesday we have been in a flurry of activity. We have now notified every church/pastor in Michigan and Southern Missouri about our July 31st deadline; we have called, emailed, or sent a letter to each one. We have emailed our list of family, friends and missionaries. We have followed leads given to us and we have called a number of churches/people in several other states. In all, we have made about 800 contacts.

Now we must wait and pray; we have to believe that the God we love and serve can speak to the hearts of people on our behalf. Our future is, has always been, and always will be in the hands of our Lord. We will accept the future that He has for us; even if it is not the future we want for ourselves.

Thanks to each of you for your prayers on our behalf; we will continue to update you.

Be blessed today,


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