Thanksgiving Day

We were blessed this Thanksgiving to have a variety of guests join us for a very traditional American meal.  Missionaries Bob & Murriell McCulley from the new nation of South Sudan (Murriell is Tim’s sister), Charles & Tahnya Porter and their 3 children-A/G missionaries from Dar Es Salaam Tanzania, Naomi Glock- AIC missionary who was born in Tanzania to missionary parents 72 years ago, Bill & Tammy Brouwer- Baptist missionaries and good friends, and Lisa Newland- young single Baptist missionary who rents our guest house and lets us be “pretend parents” from time to time.
What a wonderful day we had together; consuming lots of food and playing games and fellowshipping together for most of the day.
We all took the time to acknowledge God’s blessings on our lives and express something that we were especially thankful for this year.


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