Buhangija School

Tim opens some of the clothing bundles

Children sitting at the new tables and chairs

Two weeks ago we visited the Buhangija school for the visually impaired with some guests from the states.  We bought five 50lb bundles of clothing and took to the school; one of the bundles was made up of sheets and towels which were also needed.  We took a large supply of sunscreen and two new soccer balls which were the biggest hit of the day.  Children in Tanzania LOVE to play soccer. 
It was good to see the children; school was dismissed for a short time so we could visit briefly with all the children. The number of CWA (Children with Albinism) has increased at the school to about 200 now which makes for very crowded conditions when the dormitory space was built for less than 100 children.  We are looking at estimates to have new beds made and to help them complete a new dorm that has been started but there are no funds to finish the project. 

We had a chance to examine the 10 new tables and benches that we paid to have built for the dining hall as well as checked the well pump that was broken and we provided the funds to restore it to good working order. There are still many needs remaining.  We will be making perhaps two more trips there before we leave on furlough at the end of March.

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