Weekend Ministry 01/20/13

We had a great day yesterday.  First, we dropped in at North Side Assembly of God here in Springfield, MO where Tim and I met, married, felt God call us into missions and even had our second daughter dedicated.

Brother Blackard Senior was our pastor back in those days but the church is now under the care of Pastor Alvin Blackard, Jr.; we had a great day and Jennifer was able to go with us and enjoy the nostalgia.  The important things haven’t changed at the church but we do miss that beautiful green carpet that gave the appearance of a well manicured green lawn.  We have many good memories of our time spent at North Side and of our continued friendship with them through the years.

Yesterday evening’s service was spent at the Assembly of God church in Eldorado Springs.  We had a great service and a wonderful time of fellowship with Pastor Dana and his wife.  We ate pizza, drank lots of tea and talked about a variety of topics; everything from riding motorcycles to dealing with demon possession.  By the time we finished visiting it was after 12:30 am and we were all falling asleep.

Tim grabbed a Pepsi for the road to wake him up and we were climbing into our bed here in Springfield at about 2:30am this morning. But we had a great day yesterday!


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