Good Friday thoughts

It is the most sacred season for Christians around the world; it’s the Easter season. This is the time we remember the death and resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Good Friday is the day we specifically remember the death of Jesus and all the suffering he endured; it is a sobering and sad day if you dwell on the events of Friday alone. However, as a famous Christian song states, “Sunday is coming”. These lyrics remind us of hope in the midst of suffering and loss.
In Tanzania, Easter is known as “Pasaka” and one of the customs is that employers give gifts to their employees. It is interesting to note that they don’t have the custom of giving gifts at Christmas but they do at Easter. And, it is the employers (those who have much) who give to the employees (those who have little).
To me, this is beautifully symbolic of Christ (who had it all) giving His very life for lost humanity (those who had nothing).
This week we have been encouraged; we have heard from two churches who have decided to financially partner with us in our ministry to the people of Tanzania. And, we have also been given another substantial one-time financial blessing. We have been concerned with how slowly our pledge support has been coming in. But, in the midst of this sobering reality, God shows once again that He is the God of supply and Hope.
Pasaka njema! (Happy Easter)
Joyce and Tim


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