What a week!

This week has been a week spent working with water; we have had almost none and we have had an over-abundance all within a few days time. Such is part of the every day life of the missionary; we not only deal with the ups and downs of ministry but with the ups and downs of daily life here.
The city of Mwanza has been doing “something” with the water; no one is exactly sure what it is they are doing but we want to think it is improvements and upgrades. At any rate, we have gone to having a small trickle of water on some days to water gushing and spewing in great volumes from the faucets. We don’t mind having lots of water pressure but there is such a thing as having too much water pressure.
We had city workers digging up a pipe in our yard because we had discovered a leak in one of the underground lines; Tim was digging with them to hurry the process along. They kept trying to change the agreed upon wages during the course of the digging but Tim held firm to the original agreement.
On Wednesday this week the city turned the water back on and we had so much pressure that we had a pipe in the bathroom burst. By the time I realized from the back office that this sound was louder and different than the sound of the fan, we had water running out of the bathroom and quickly filling the surrounding rooms. I called for Tim who was outside working on an electrical problem and he came running to shut off the water.
It took several hours of bailing water with buckets and then using mops, rags, and the Wet Vac that we almost didn’t bring to clean up all the water. We also had a leak due to the extra pressure in the front bathroom as well. On Thursday, Tim spent the day cleaning out all the drains and pipes inside and outside the house so that the slow drainage of the high volume of water would not result in sinks, toilets and tubs running over.
On Friday, a day we would normally have been at the Bible School, I heard another loud spewing noise coming from the kitchen. I raced to check it out calling for Tim at the same time; he managed to get the water shut off before it left the kitchen. A hose under the sink had split in half from the high water pressure. If we had been at the Bible School we would have returned to a house full of water several inches deep. We thank the Lord that we were home due to Mid-term break at the Bible School. Also on Friday, we had a leak develop behind the washing machine due to too much water pressure rupturing the hose.
So this week Tim has been all over the property, inside and out, working on water problems. On top of that, we had an electrician here for two days trying to figure out why the outside security lights were not working. Tim worked with them and after several days they found the problem and repaired it.
We prefer our days and weeks to be filled with ministry; preaching, teaching, helping at the Bible College by training pastors, seeing the lost saved and the sick healed.
However, some days it’s just broken pipes, electrical problems, ditch digging and mopping water.
All things work together for good…..


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