Things you WONT see on an American college campus…

This list could be VERY long; but a few sights this week at the Bible College made me think, “Wow, you won’t see that on an American college campus”.
1. You won’t see students gathered around an outside spigot after meal times washing off their metal plates and spoons.
2. You won’t see students washing their clothes outside in buckets and hanging them on the line.
3. You won’t see students carrying their chairs around campus from chapel to the dining hall and back to the chapel and back to the dining hall…you get the picture.
4. You won’t see students doing assigned work tasks around the campus in the afternoons.
5. You won’t see students rushing forward to carry your briefcase for you as you go to and from the classroom.
6. You won’t see students stand in class when they want to ask a question and preface their question with “thank you, teacher”.
7. You won’t see students lined up with their cups at “chai time” (morning break) waiting their turn for their hot tea.
8. You won’t see the neighborhood children playing on the campus.
9. You won’t see a registrars office with an old manual typewriter sitting on the desk that is actually still used.
10. And, lastly, you won’t see 20-25 students sitting around tables outside helping pinch the heads off piles of small dried fish called “dagaa” in the afternoon so that they can have them for supper that evening.
In fact, there are many, many sights that we see every day that you won’t see in America. We have grown accustomed to the many sights and sounds that shocked and amazed us when we first arrived here. We always enjoy watching visitors react to the sights and sounds of Tanzania.
Be blessed.


1 thought on “Things you WONT see on an American college campus…

  1. You also won't see the kitchen staff butchering that night's supper chickens just on the other side of your dorm room window! Chai break…most of my college experience was lacking due to that particular deficiency…Thanks to Jenn for pointing me here!

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