District Councils

The first two weeks of July, Tim traveled with our National TAG leadership throughout the western third of Tanzania. It was time for District Councils and they were being held a few days apart all across the country.

We are part of five Districts in our part of Tanzania so Tim had a chance to meet leaders and pastors in all five our Districts. For many, it was the first time the national leadership had visited their regions and there was much excitement and celebration involved in each of the District meetings.

Tim and the leadership, traveling in our reliable Toyota Land Cruiser, logged hundreds of kilometers; some of them on paved roads but most were over very dry and dusty unpaved roads. At times the dust was so thick that it was like driving in dense fog. Their days began at about 5:00am and they often went until 10:00 or later at night. It was a grueling schedule of travel and meetings. However, the were received with such joy and excitement everywhere they went that it bolstered their tired bodies and spirits.

They were met at some places by motor escorts, by cheering people who lined the road, by local officials, with gifts and singing choirs. The leadership encouraged the pastors and church members everywhere as they presented the Ten Year Plan to reach the lost of Tanzania and to make disciples; to be people of excellence and integrity and to fulfill the Great Commission of Matthew 28:19,20.

The leaders wore special polo shirts that they had made and Tim was thrilled when they gave him some to wear as well; he was saved from wearing the dreaded “dress shirts and ties” that I had insisted he had to pack for the journey.

I have included a few of the pictures from their travels.

Be blessed.

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