Labor Day

Labor Day almost passed us by here in Tanzania since it is an American Holiday. The only holidays that Tanzania and the U.S. have in common are Christmas and Easter, so we often forget about all the others.
Our Labor Day was business as usual at the Mwanza Bible College. We arrived in time for chapel; Monday is “Principal’s Day” each week and Tim always speaks on that day. If Tim is out of town then “Mama Principal” speaks; that’s me.
Most of our 109 students have returned; classes started over a week ago but they often take up to two weeks to arrive back for classes. The reason is usually because they are desperately trying to raise their tuition fees.
After chapel, we met with the teachers for “chai break” (morning tea break) and dealt with all the issues that had developed since Friday. We met with the Academic Dean about a number of student issues ranging from lost transcripts to failing grades.
Usually, because Monday is so busy, Tim and I “split up” and handle different situations to expedite things. Tim met with the Dean of Students and they looked over the situation in the library to determine what was needed to get our computer lab up and running.
I met with Mabesa, she is our Registrar and also one of our teachers, about a theological issue that came up in her first class of the day. We made copies of courses to be sent out to the various Districts for their Church Planting Schools, we filed records in the registrars office and did general office work.
Immediately after his meeting with the Academic Dean, Tim met with the Business Manager to decide what to spend money on this week, other than food, which is a necessity. Providing food for 109 students is the single largest cost the school has each term. The decision was made to hold off on paying the utilities one more week and buy a new pump for the well and some cleaning supplies for the bathrooms.
Time was then spent figuring out why there was no water coming onto the property; Tim walked part way down the hill and found a water line was shut off for repairs. Hopefully, it will be taken care of in the next few days. We have a tank for surplus water but it was discovered that the pump was not working. All the water used on Monday was hauled up with buckets lowered into the well since the pump refused to work.
We arrived home in the early afternoon and had two guests. One of the guests is the wife of one of our local pastors. She stops in from time to time and offers to sell me bars of soap; she uses the few shillings profit she makes on each bar to help pay school fees for their son, Gospel. Of course, I can only use so many bars of soap so this time I decline since I purchased quite a few last time to share with our students.
Tim spent the late afternoon working in the garage and I did some laundry and worked on the never-ending pile of typing projects.
We watched a little bit of CNN to find out if all was well in the U.S.A and went to bed.
That was our Labor Day; I hope most of you had a restful day and maybe even one more cookout before summer comes to an end.


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