Earlier this month we traveled about an hour out of town to a small village called Ukiriguru; the pastor there is Apollinary Gervas; we worked closely with Apollinary in the area of Children’s Ministries during our first term here.

Pastor Apollinary and his family have faithfully served in this small village among mostly Muslim inhabitants for about 10 years and God has blessed them with slow yet steady growth.

Tim spoke in the morning service and we were joined by two groups of villagers (about 10 total) who were new converts and who were meeting in a believers home during the week. They are two church plants that have been started recently by the the church in Ukiriguru.

It was a great day and we enjoyed the afternoon of fellowship we spent with Pastor Apollinary and his family in their home. Their home is very small so there was almost no room to maneuver around once you were seated; however, we spent the afternoon encouraging this dedicated Pastor who is also the sectional Presbyter for his area. He has great concerns for the pastors in his section and the struggles that each of them deal with as they endeavor to plant their small churches in predominantly Muslim villages.

Equally as important as the actual church service we preach in these small village churches is the fellowship with the pastor and his family afterwards. Sometimes the few hours of encouragement and fellowship they receive during our visit in their homes gives them the determination they need to press on under difficult circumstances.


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