Exciting Week

Some days pass with little change and one day can blend into another; however, sometimes you have special days that stand out. It’s always preferable that they are memorable because something great happened or special guests came.
We have had an exciting week; some good things happened that made it a good week. We had our Tanzanian friends, Geoffrey and Christine Lugwisha over for supper and we hosted the monthly Missionary Potluck with all missionaries in the Mwanza area invited regardless of what denomination they are with. We had about 35 people last night and we had a great time.
We did have a couple of things happen that reminded us of God’s protection. Earlier this week our neighbor down the road from us had armed thieves come onto their property and attempt to rob them. They didn’t get anything from them but they did do bodily injury to the man who lived there and he had to have some stitches in his head.
Then, last night, after almost everyone had left following the potluck we began to smell smoke. In a few minutes the lights went out and there was smoke building up in the house. The smoke was toxic and our throats and eyes were burning as we searched for the source of the fire. Tim’s five years as a fireman helped him locate the source of the fire; it was our electrical stabilizer box in the laundry room. He was able to bypass it and restore electricity and eventually the smoke and most of the toxic fumes were cleared from the house. A new stabilizer will cost around $400 but it could have been much worse. We thank God for his protection over us and our home.


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