Outdoor Evangelistic Meetings

It has been five weeks of travel, setting up, taking down, hotels, preaching, praying, teaching, deliverance, healings and many coming to know Jesus for the first time. Literally hundreds have come to know Jesus as their Savior, scores have been set free from demon possession (some as young as 10 years old) and some have been healed. 
What was the key to seeing all of these new converts and deliverances?  Was it because we had an evangelist come from America?  Was it the lights and the sound system? Was it the many choirs that sang? Was it the radio announcements and the hundreds of flyers posted and distributed? 
Although all of the above played a part in the success; it was really the fact that there was much prayer and fasting done ahead of time for each of these meetings.  The host pastors and churches spent days fasting and praying; people in America fasted and prayed.
And, of course, the Holy Spirit came in power to draw people to Jesus and to set captives free.
The evangelist, missionary, choirs and pastors were merely vessels that God used to do His work; bringing the lost into the Kingdom because He is not willing for any to perish. 


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