MA Training

The goal for Africa, simply put, is to see a vibrant church planted within walking distance of every African.  Of course the way we accomplish this is neither simple or easy and it involves a lot of missionaries doing a wide variety of tasks if we are to see our goal reached.

One of the ministries that Joyce is responsible for involves training newly appointed Missionary Associates (MA) (1-2 year assignments) in the area of financial and partnership development.  As the AGWM Africa MA coach, Joyce walks the MA’s through a 4- week online training course.   They learn the Biblical basis for why we do itineration the way we do, understanding the components of partnership with potential donors and the nuts and bolts of a successful itineration journey.  She helps them prepare to find the financial partners they will need to raise their budgets and arrive on the African continent to help in the process of reaching our goal,

In the past four years since she has been doing this job, she has trained about 70 MA units.  It is one of the highlights of her current ministry.  The MAs are excited, committed and eager to fulfill the call of God on their lives. Joyce loves having the opportunity to interact with these awesome missionaries.

Thanks to all of you for partnering with us to reach our goal of seeing a vibrant church planted within walking distance of every African.



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