2021 is behind us, Covid is still with us. Even though it has caused us to experience slowdowns in some areas, delays in others, postponements in training and set up of our POD systems and many missionaries becoming sick or needing to leave the field for a period of time or changing country assignments completely, the work of the Lord through Africa’s Hope has continued.

Libraries are still being sent out and set up, shipments are finding new routes to get to destinations, workers are being found, donors continue to give, translations and printing of new curriculum and translation of existing curriculum, training of leadership and Bible school students is happening; with God’s help and divine wisdom and His ability to make doors where none exist we move forward.

Perhaps a little slower and definitely in different and diverse ways, but forward none the less.

Thank you for your prayers and support as we continue to work to educate leaders and pastors across Africa to take the gospel to their own communities, towns and cities.


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