Visit to South Carolina

This week Tim made a quick three day trip to South Carolina to Bob Jones University.

Africa’s Hope was notified that they had three rooms of library shelving that they wanted to sell and we made the purchase.

Library shelves…ministry in Africa?  Yes, we are always looking for items that can be used to place in the libraries of one or more of our 360+ Bible schools and training centers across Africa.

We cannot convey to you the excitement that these shipments are met with when they arrive in Africa at one of our schools. Once they are installed, the shelves are filled with books provided by Africa’s Hope to train and educate our pastors.

Spirit-empowered, Biblically trained leaders are the hope of Africa.   These men and women will go into the places we cannot go, to unreached people groups that we do not have access to and take the Good News to them.




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